Skillet Chicken Broccoli and Cheese Rice Casserole


Skillet Chicken Broccoli and Cheese Rice Casserole is perfect for weeknight “I have no clue what to make for dinner” situations, and “I have 40 minutes to have everyone fed and out the door” situations. Which, for me, happen often! Busy mama’s have a LOT on their plates and limited time in the day. Which is why it’s so important to have quick, filling, and nutritious recipes on hand. And this skillet chicken broccoli and cheese rice casserole can be made in 20 minutes! Wowza!  Read More →

Cheesy Stuffed Artichoke

I want to say this cheesy stuffed artichoke recipe is a family favorite. BUT its more like a “the kids are finally asleep and mommy and daddy want to feel like grown ups who talk and dont eat dino nuggets for dinner for a second” type of meal in our house. Which could also be rephrased as “date night.”

At the end of a long day of putting out metaphorical fires caused by the kids, as much as i want to put a ton of effort into an at home date night, I’m beat. I need something pretty hands off and quick to pull together while my husband handles bedtime. Which is why I LOVE the cheesy stuffed artichokes! They steam for 25 minutes and broil in the oven for 5 minutes. So easy, so simple, and SO DELICIOUS! Read More →

Free Daily Baby Log Printable- Keep Track of Feedings, Diaper Changes and More

baby log printable

Use my Free Daily Baby Log Printable to keep track of diaper changes, feeding, tummy time and more. This is a great way to remember how many ounces your baby drank in the day when their next feeding needs to be, how many soiled diapers and more. For a new parent, it helps you keep track and not miss a beat, during those exhausting night and days.  Read More →

15 Caterpillar Crafts

Summer is here! Which means the kids are out of school, and you have to make sure they stay occupied and out of trouble. An easy way to achieve that is with caterpillar crafts! I especially like caterpillar crafts on this list that recycle things around the house, or maybe you would have thrown away otherwise, such as an egg carton! These caterpillar crafts are great for educational purposes if you are homeschooling through the summer. You can use a number of these crafts to teach counting, patterns, and the life-cycle of a caterpillar.

While these are great for teaching purposes, all of these are perfect for “just for fun” type crafting! From fridge art, to outdoor decorations, to even an adorable suncatcher, this list has lots of different kinds of caterpillar craftsto keep your kids entertained! Here are 15 Caterpillar crafts for kids: Read More →

Sour Cream Banana Bread

Sour Cream Banana Bread is a tried and true recipe that is sure to knock your socks off… it’s insanely delicious! If you are like me you adore any baked good then this sour cream banana bread is sure to be a repeat recipe in you house! It is so much moister than your typical banana bread and is so delicious my 3 year old tends to eat more than is probably appropriate!  This sour cream banana bread tastes amazing on its own or slathered with some butter to get all melty on it while its fresh and warm. Read More →