Big Mac Quesadillas

big mac quesadillas

Big Mac quesadillas are the crispy version of a Big Mac you never knew you needed! The flavor is spot on, but it has a much better quality texture.  Read More →

Big Mac Sauce


Big Mac sauce is the main reason I order a Big Mac. The creamy, tangy, slightly sweet sauce really makes the not so great McDonald’s burgers worth eating. This homemade version is great for dipping fries in, drizzling over a salad, or slathered on a burger. Read More →

Ham & Potato Soup

Ham and potato soup is one of those recipes I make when I have absolutely no clue what to make, since I typically always have potatoes and ham of some kind on hand. It is delicious, very easy to make, and very filling. All of which are important for our family.
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Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken

slow cooker salsa verde chicken

If you need another low effort, yet highly delicious recipe to add to your meal plan, Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken is one of our go-to recipes. For when I want to only have 2 or minutes of prep, or really don’t have it in me to cook (over-tired mamas raise your hands lol) this recipe can be a real lifesaver. Read More →

Keto Giant Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

Keto Giant Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies are perfect for slowly easing yourself into the Keto diet!

A super delicious keto cookie that won’t mess with your progress!

We love these Keto Giant Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies in our house! The reason my husband wanted to try the keto diet in the first place was to cut his sugar consumption, but going from eating sweets ALL the time to cold turkey no sugar is VERY hard. So finding keto versions of his favorites was going to be important, and this recipe did NOT disappoint! Read More →