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10 Adorable and Fun Ladybug Crafts For Kids

I have gathered 10 awesome ladybug crafts for kids that will get your children excited and creative juices flowing. These crafts use common household items like a paper bag, plastic spoon, egg cartons and more, to create fun and loveable ladybugs.

I love being able to sit down and do fun crafts with my kids. It is a great outlet, offers creativity, and quality time. I am always looking for inexpensive and entertaining crafts, and that is what I am sharing today. Ladybugs, ladybirds, or lady beetles, whatever you prefer to call them are so intriguing! Their bright red color and black polka dots make my heart smile and make for a very pretty craft.

Did you know that ladybugs are a beetle, not a bug? Or that when they take off and fly they beat their wings 85 times a second, talk about fast! You can find ladybugs in different colors: red, yellow and orange. I thought those were some fun facts to share with you!

Paper Ladybug Craft| With a little paper, scissors and glue sticks you can create this ladybug out of construction paper. A simple but adorable craft.
Paper bag Ladybug Craft| Take a paper bag and create an adorable hand puppet your child can spend hours playing with. Let their imaginations run and create a one-of-a-kind puppet.
Ladybug Stones| Head outside and look in your yard or park for flat rocks, that you can paint and turn into ladybugs! Or head to your local craft store to buy rocks and supplies.
Plastic Spoon Ladybug| Take a plastic spoon and transform it into a ladybug on a tree limb. I love this craft, it is so creative, and I love the leaves.
Egg Carton Ladybugs| Save back your old egg cartons and let your kids transform them into fuzzy ladybugs. With minimal supplies needed, you will have fun creating your bugs.
Ladybug Jar Craft| Grab an old jar and some paint and transform it into your child’s personal bug jar. Then head outdoors and see if you can find any bugs for your child to collect and look at for a bit, and then release back into nature.
Apple Print Ladybugs| Take an apple and teach your child how to transform it into a ladybug with a little paint! Food stamping art is very fun and you can create cards to give to loved ones.
Paper Plate and Pom Pom Ladybugs| Take a paper plate, tissue paper, and pom poms and transform it into a beautiful ladybug for your child to enjoy. The wings are made with the tissue paper, and I love the texture it gives.
Golf Ball Ladybug| If you have golf balls laying around you might want to try out this craft. I love how these turned out, and look so cute decorating your flower beds in the Spring and Summer months.
Leaf Ladybug Craft| Step outdoors and find some fun shaped leaves and bring them in and begin to paint them to transform them into ladybugs.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

With a few blinks of the eye, Thanksgiving will be here. With that comes a lot of cooking and baking to prepare a family meal for our friends and family. Each year our family does a potluck style dinner. We each help give a dish to complete a full Thanksgiving feast. I thought it would be fun to create a Thanksgiving recipe roundup. You can find all the classic dishes served at Thanksgiving all in one spot!

I have shared recipes for turkey, side dishes, and desserts, to help give you an idea of what to serve up this holiday!


Slow Cooker Turkey| Save room in your oven and make your moist and delicious turkey in your slow cooker! This is a wonderful option and it leaves the turkey nice and moist while it bakes away.

No Thaw Turkey| Have a turkey but don’t have the room in the fridge to thaw or maybe you don’t have time? Maybe try this no thaw recipe.

Roast Turkey| Want a more classic recipe, than try this roasted turkey. This as well comes out nice and moist and the flavors are on point.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes 

Turkey Grazy| Nothing completes a Thanksgiving dinner like a delicious gravy. Here is an easy turkey gravy recipe to add to your menu.

Glazed Sweet Potato Coins| Can’t be a Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes. Try these coins, they are sliced sweet potatoes that have a sweet glaze to them.

Sweet Potato Casserole| If you like the more traditional take of a sweet potato casserole, this is it. It has the marshmallow topping and is sweet.

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes| If you have an Instant Pot, put it to good use with these mashed potatoes. Serve up creamy and smooth mashed potatoes.

Homemade Stuffing| Whip up a pan of your homemade stuffing that will make the family and friends be reaching for seconds. This is a hearty recipe that is packed full of rich flavors.

Cranberry Apple Walnut Stuffing| This is a little different from a traditional stuffing on flavors but it is really a flavor win. Step out of the box and try something new this year.

Smoked Gouda Scalloped Potatoes| If you love rich and creamy potatoes, you will enjoy this recipe. The smoked gouda is a perfect flavor for the hearty potatoes.

Creamed Peas and Pearl Onions| Here is a great side that is pretty easy to make. It has the earthy taste of peas mixed with the onions. It is a beautiful side dish to serve up.

Green Bean Casserole| One of my favorite dishes during the holidays. The creamy green beans topped with crunchy onion bites!

Roasted Lemon Balsamic Asparagus| A new twist to a side dish to serve up, that your guest will love. This recipe is packed full of flavor and pairs beautifully with turkey.

Broccoli Rice Casserole| This casserole is very easy to make and is a nice and hearty side dish to serve up. Reheats beautifully.

Easy Buttery Yeast Rolls| One of my favorite parts, homemade rolls. These are simple to make and so light and fluffy.

Pumpkin Skillet Biscuits| Maybe you prefer biscuits over rolls. If so try this new twist, pumpkin skillet biscuits.


Pumpkin Slab Cake| This is a perfect way to make a pumpkin pie to serve up a crowd. Simple to make and saves you from making a ton of pies.

Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake| Nothing beats a rich and creamy cheesecake. I love the idea of pumpkin cheesecake. A sweet treat to serve guests.

Pecan Slab Pie| Pecan pie is a must at all our family gatherings. I love the idea of a slab pie to save time and oven space.

Dutch Apple Pie| An apple pie is perfect after a big dinner to enjoy later in the day when things begin to slow down. Top it with some whipped cream or rich vanilla ice cream.

Maple Snickerdoodle Cupcakes| Nothing beats a soft snickerdoodle cookie. Take a chance and try these maple snickerdoodle cupcakes. A spiced cupcake with a rich and creamy frosting.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pie| Gluten Free and full of sweet and delicious flavor.

Triple Berry Crumble Pie| Fruit pies are so delicious, and this triple berry is a top recipe to make. I love the crumble topping, adds a nice crunch to the pie.

Easy Caramel Apple Cupcakes| Caramel and apples are a perfect flavor combination. Take that flavor and turn it into a light and fluffy cupcake.

Easy Pumpkin Bars| A moist pumpkin bar with a creamy frosting to add just the perfect amount of sweet.

Lighter Frozen Chocolate Silk Pie| If you like a lighter recipe, try this one. You get a rich and creamy texture that is very sweet in flavor.

Sweet Potato Pie| Sweet potato pie is really good, I was surprised the first time I tried it. It tastes very similar to pumpkin pie to me.

5 Spot-on Benefits of Quotes on Your Everyday Life

Quotes are those unrealized treasures which fructify with the dedicated efforts of a person. They are nothing but the real-life examples woven in the form a sentence. There are phases in our lives when we almost give up while attempting something challenging and we need someone to boost our morale which is not humanly possible every time. Sayings or motivational quotes are the most powerful tool to draw inferences and to overcome the obstacles with flying colors.


Quotes nourish you as a child from the beginning

If someone follows them wholeheartedly, they are nothing less than the live preaching of our influential sane and sages. In the absence of elders, they are always there to guide, protect and maneuver you with the required abilities to succeed in life.

Make you an independent and reliable person

Quotes have that power that can turn your life in a fraction of seconds. There are many examples of people taking real-life lessons from quotes and becoming successful.

You have to be it to deliver it

Quotes can’t be just written for the sake of writing; you have to live them to provide it to your people. If you don’t preach what you practice, then they are of no use. There have been many great speakers and writers who lose the audience after some time for a simple reason that they left their ground and tried to be someone else.

To imbibe the goodness of quotes, read them intermittently

Hang on, are you done reading your favorite quote this morning? Maybe you still have to hit the right chords before continuing for the day. It is not a one-time thing you need to be persistent enough to sustain the perpetual goodness of good quotes.

Keep them as sticky notes on your table as they are your friend in disguise –

A team is a conglomerate of people without which no organization could sustain. In the same way, we need mentoring from our elders, family members and colleagues as a team. Have a look at those inspiring quotes and make them a part of your routine job. They will be of great help when no one is around. Do cherry-picking of quotes cautiously and get an in-depth understanding of every word mentioned in there.


If you are a quotes enthusiast, you can inspire others too.

Share the goodness of wisdom with your surroundings. This generation needs you to take charge of constructive aura.

If you are trying to be a person who can be admired by masses, probably you can start following quotes by successful authors and philosophers. Meditate every morning to remember the quotes and let them flow through your veins. You will be a changed man altogether slowly and gradually. There is no better      

Exercise than self-introspection; assess who you are and what you want to be in the upcoming future you will surely get the desired results.

How to Travel by Air on the Cheap

When you are living on a tight budget, traveling by air is unlikely to be something you would think of doing very often because of the cost. But surprisingly, if you plan ahead and know a few tricks of the trade, sometimes traveling by air can be little more than the cost of taking a trip by bus or train. In fact, on some occasions, it is possible to make a long trip across the country, or even internationally, at less than the cost of a bus or train ticket, Here are some tips on how to do that.

Book very early

The secret to getting cheap airfare deals is to plan a long way ahead and take advantage of special offers that airlines make at certain times of the year to fill seats on flights that they know from their inventory management won’t run full unless they heavily discount some seats. That means cheap air travel is not an option for last minute trips like family emergencies, but they can be very doable for a vacation that you can plan up to a year ahead. You’ll need to be flexible with dates too because there are sometimes of the year when discounted seats just won’t be available. Register online with all of the budget airlines that serve your nearest airports to receive promotional offers by email, and you’ll soon get a feel of what times of the year cheap seats are made available, and how far in advance you have to book them.

Travel with carry-on bags

As long as you are not traveling at a particularly cold time of the year when you may need to take more clothes, you should be able to pack everything that you need into a carry-on bag to save the cost of checked baggage fees. This also has the advantage of saving time at airports in collecting bags and minimizes the risk of your bags getting lost or stolen on the way. But be aware that every airline has different rules for carry-on bags and often slightly different dimensions for what’s allowed on board. Check out online what the rules are for those airlines that are an option for you, and then go to the website of an online luggage retailer like Luggage Direct and note what brands and models of bags will fit within those dimensions. Such websites list both weight and exact dimensions of most popular models of carry-on bags. Most budget airlines allow one carry-on bag and one personal item free of charge, although a few of the cheapest budget airlines do charge for the carry-on bag on certain categories of a ticket. Again check the websites of the airlines that are available to you, and take any baggage fees into account when comparing promotional airfare offers.

Make use of the personal item allowance

Every airline allows a free personal item like a purse, handbag, briefcase or laptop bag in addition to the carry-on bag. Take advantage of this allowance by taking the maximum size that is permitted. It must fit under the seat of the plane, not in the overhead lockers (which are reserved for the carry-ons). For female passengers, take the largest size handbag allowed and use that for carrying not just your personal items, but for other items that you may not have been able to fit into your carry-on. Review carefully before your trip whether you really need to take everything that you normally carry in your purse on a daily basis, and only take those items that you can’t do without on the trip. For male passengers, the best option is to use a laptop bag, but instead of packing a laptop, use it for the overflow from your carry-on. The only stage of the check-in process where the contents of the laptop bag will be seen will be at the security check – and they are not concerned about airline baggage rules – only that you are not carrying any prohibited items. A cheap briefcase is another option but they are usually heavier.

Take your own food

Some budget airlines sell food items on board, but they are always at a high cost and should be avoided if you are trying to save money. Likewise with food purchased at the airport. Food outlets there pay high rentals, so the price of some items might be twice what you would pay in your local supermarket. Instead, plan to take your own food for the journey and pack in plastic containers that won’t take up too much space in your bag, or which you can fit into the pockets of your jacket. High protein bars and cereal bars are good options for snacks if the journey is not too long. Otherwise, plan to eat a good meal before you leave and another after arrival. Bottled water won’t be allowed through airport security, so take a small empty bottle with you and refill it from a drinking fountain or tap after you have been through the security check. Take that onto the plane full because you need to stay hydrated when traveling by air.

Check-in early

And finally, most importantly of all, do check in for your flight as early as you can. If you miss your flight because you’ve been held up in traffic or you left leaving home too late, you will not be accommodated on a later flight. That only happens for passengers traveling on certain full fares or in first or business class. If you are on a promotional or discounted fare and you miss the flight, your only option will be to purchase a new fare at the full price, and that may mean you won’t be able to afford to travel at all. But if you are prepared to plan ahead, do your comparison shopping online, pack frugally and know exactly what you can and can’t take, you could be flying by air to vacation destinations or to visit family at a fraction of the price of other passengers on the same flight.

Ultimate List of Tips on How to Find Low Cost Tutors

Nowadays, tutoring a child has because a lifestyle and every parent at a point or the other has a desire to hire a tutor for their child. Tutoring gives wings to a student to reach a great height in their education and academic goals. At times, tutoring is found to be quite expensive and at some point it might be unaffordable. Legitimately tutoring a child is not cheap but with some adjustment and by being prudent it can become cheap and affordable. Read More →