Using Essential Oils

Lately, my family has been trying out essential oils. Rather than administering pills to each child for different things before bed, or taking pain pills when some of our back problems feel like being mean to us, we use a few drops of essential oils. I honestly didn’t expect them to work, but they do! My mother, who has major back problems, is able to run errands with no pain pills. She’s been using nothing but essential oils for about a month now. Her favorite is peppermint. She applies a few drops to her back in the morning, and then some more whenever she feels it wearing off.

My personal favorite is the Balance blend. I am a very scatter brained person. My though processes are all over the place, and it is literally impossible for me to have a conversation with someone and stay on topic the whole time. I just apply a drop of Balance to the back of my neck and I am able to focus on whatever task I need to complete.


The other plus of essential oils is they work FAST! Within a minute you will be able to feel the effects. There are endless ways to improve your life with essential oils. Allergies, pain, anxiety, eczema, itches, aromatherapy, mood improvements, digestion, air freshener, laundry detergent, homemade cleaners, wound treatment, respiratory/cough relief, and much much more!

My word that is a mouthful.

And I didn’t even finish.

Using essential oils has really changed our lives for the better.

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~Maria Alison

7 Thoughts on “Using Essential Oils

  1. Just starting using eo’s and I’m in love!

  2. My Mom and sister have been using essential oils for years and I thought it was all in their heads how well they worked. That was until I started using them in January at first just to see if they would actually help. To my surprise they work better than anything you can buy at your pharmacy for all of the things you mentioned above and more. My two teenage daughters also use them and even ask for them now!

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  3. I just started with EO’s a month or two ago and am loving them! I’m a little overwhelmed with all of their uses though…I’m glad to know Peppermint helps your mom. I’ll have to try that! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I just started using essential oils and I am absolutely hooked! After realizing how unhappy I was with all the chemicals in the medicine cabinet, I knew I needed a change… But I’ll be honest. I did NOT expect to love EOs so much! I can’t wait to learn more about them!

  5. I don’t use eo’s much anymore because of a lack of funds, but I have used them with excellent results in the past. I have used wintergreen for respiratory issues, lavender to help with sleep, peppermint in bath salts and for headache relief. They are an excellent natural choice for all sorts of remedies. Thanks so much for linking up with us at the #shinebloghop.

  6. I just started using essential oils about a week or so ago. I used peppermint oil for my migraines and I have using it for a sinus infection. It opened my sinuses up and they started to drain. I am just amazed at the results.

  7. I just received my first shipment of oils! Can’t wait to start using them!

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