Time Management with a Newborn

Time Management With A Newborn | Ten at the Table

So you just gave birth to this little miracle and you put all you time and love into the precious angel. Then you look up and see your house is a mess, your fridge is almost empty, and you haven’t showered in a week or two. ( FYI My first week of having my daughter I constantly had to be reminded to shower and eat so no shame here momma!) Managing your time with a newborn feels nearly impossible. They aren’t on a set schedule ( Oh how I do not miss those sleepless nights) and I know from experience when they sleep you just want to cuddle up right next to them and take the longest nap possible. I promise you that you will sleep soundly knowing that everything is done.

Now from personal experience I bet you’re asking yourself where do I start? Do I choose getting groceries first or taking a shower? Is it even worth be putting pants on? The answer to all of those questions is they all are so worth it. I always was offended and confused as to why when an airplane is crashing they wanted the parents to put their masks on first. Why would I want my baby to be suffering while I could breathe? Then when I had my daughter I realized if moms don’t tend to themselves by taking showers, eating, cleaning, and getting a break even if it’s short one. They can not be the best mommy that they can be! So without a further a do here is some tips on time managing with a newborn!

1. Making Lists

This is my favorite tip! I absolutely love making lists. They help me prioritize and stay on track to complete tasks by either the end the day, week, month, or year. It is also quite a simple task and can accommodate to your personal preference!

2. ​ Staying Motivated

I know you’re tired and there is a billion things you’d rather being doing ( I am guessing one of them is sleep) but you can do this! Drink that tea to get yourself going. Take that nice warm shower so you feel refreshed. Go outside and take the nice deep breath of that crisp air. Then get on your feet and get what you need to do done!

3. Remember your bodies limitation

Of course it is good to clean your house and do your hair. Although, you have to remember you just had a baby. You may have stitches, hemorrhoids ( come on ladies we all get them at one point) and your may be in pain while you pee! ( also totally normal) What worked for me was complete one “hard” task a day. Such as vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, scrubbing of any kind, and basically anything that involves a lot of body movement. Then complete small tasks such as sitting down folding laundry, organizing, and making food for yourself. Pacing is the key!

4. Having a good support team

​Having family and friends to help support you is the best! Whether it’s your significant other, your parents, siblings, your in laws, etc. To accomplish your goals sometimes you need help with someone watching your little one. When my daughter is fussy and I need to clean or cook it is so nice to have my fiance come home and take care of her. Also making sure to ASK for help is very important. No one can help if they don’t know.

5. ​ Baby Carriers, Swings, and Bouncers

These three things will save​ your life. My daughter by the time she was a month old established she was not okay with being put down or being without mommy or daddy. So I put that baby backpack on and was moving around freely! The big thing is to be consistent putting your baby in the swing, bouncers, etc. Even when they are a couple days old it is good to put them down so they can be “self sufficient” per se. I believe you can spoil your child but you should also be able to get things done!

Do you have any more tips for time management with a newborn or productivity as a new mama?

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  1. It’s really difficult, but not impossible. The fact is that after I became mother I learned how to be extremely disciplined about my “spare” time (if I have some) and manage it in most efficient way.

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