15 Newborn Must Haves!

Newborn Must Haves Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby that’ll be arriving shortly. As a new mom (or Dad) you like to be as prepared as possible and this list will help you do so! From soothing homemade teething gel to swings this list will make your little one a happy baby! As well, you’ll be a happy mama or daddy! On top of it, the items are affordable for parents on a strict budget! Having a baby is hard enough as it is, let me help make it easier! Here is a list of 15 Newborn Must Haves!

1. Pack & Play

A Pack & Play is basically a portable crib. It can be used from the time your baby is born till a year. Even longer if you’re willing to be creative! It’s a must have for parents with two story houses; so the baby can nap anywhere. Most Pack & Plays also include a changing table! Total bonus!

2. “No Gas” Baby Bottles

These bottles were a lifesaver! They help babies who have colic and/ or acid reflux. It also can help prevent it! As well, the nipples on the bottle have similar texture and shape of nipples on their mama’s. Highly recommend for breastfeeding mothers.

3. Diaper Rash Cream

You 100% will need diaper rash cream. Little babies skin is so sensitive it’s important to make sure you have cream that’ll soothe it. Triple paste was one of my favorite diaper rash creams. It was also rated number 3 out of 11 according to healthline.com ​. I also recommend Burt Bees Baby Diaper Ointment! It helps soothe and heal babies diaper rashes all at once.

4. Swing

After having a baby sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain house work even simple tasks like taking care of yourself. A swing will help you have a moment of freedom and be hands free for more than 5 minutes at a time. It will also get or keep your little one asleep. It’s the perfect “tool” to keep your little one occupied!

5. Onesies, Onesies, and more Onesies

The first year of your child’s lives they will live in Onesies. They’re also so helpful when your baby has a big blowout. Check this website out to see how!

6. Tylenol

When your baby is a newborn it is very possible for them to teeth, get sick, get tummy aches, etc. There are endless possibilities. Infant Tylenol is the best pain reliever for your little one. The most important thing is to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor or the back of the box!

7. Nail Clippers/File Clipping

An infants nails is almost harder than labor (JK) However, it can be difficult to cut their nails. So, you might as well get the right tools! If you aren’t comfortable yet with clipping nails using a nail file is the second best! It may take a little bit more time but it’ll build your confidence!

8. Lotion

After babies are born their skin is delicate. Moisture is very important for their sensitive skin. Lotion sets are one of the top things you need. It also perfect for babies born in the summertime!

9. Nose Sucker

This is so helpful when your baby is sick and has a runny nose. At first site, I was completely disgusted by it but this product is very helpful! Babies get nasty boogers and no one at least I don’t want to stick my fingers up there. If you feel the same way this is 100% for you!

10. Baby Monitor

If you need to get basically anything done after the baby falls asleep this is what you need. It was a lifesaver when I needed to shower, clean the house, workout, or just eat in general. Also, some baby monitors include heart monitors which is awesome for new or mommas that are just worried about their little ones!

11. Boppy

A Boppy is a pillow that can be used for a ton of different things. Such as, breastfeeding, propping babies up, help support babies sit up, and help with back support or mommas. As well, it was very helpful for my baby who had acid reflux and colic. It can be used from the time their born to almost a year of age. A very much worth it item.

12. Natural teething gel

There are several great recipes out on the internet . My favorite is from Mommypotaus. Using natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and clove bud.

13. Mittens

Besides being super duper cute on babies they are needed to protect their faces. Babies nails grow like weeds and it’s important you place mittens on their hands to insure they won’t leave scratch marks on their cheeks. The awesome thing though mittens are super cheap and an easy fix.

14. Baby Bath

A baby’s first bath ( or first one at home at least) will be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Having a baby bath will that experience way easier and more enjoyable. Baby baths help support your babies head and help insure no water will go into your babies mouth. All while they have the room to kick around and enjoy their bath.

15. Teething Toys

Even though a lot of people think teething toys aren’t needed till their babies are older; they totally are needed! Babies are able to get their “teefies” as early 2 months! As well, babies love to chew on stuff so it’s a win win !

What newborn must haves are on your list?

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