Free Daily Baby Log Printable- Keep Track of Feedings, Diaper Changes and More

baby log printable

Use my Free Daily Baby Log Printable to keep track of diaper changes, feeding, tummy time and more. This is a great way to remember how many ounces your baby drank in the day when their next feeding needs to be, how many soiled diapers and more. For a new parent, it helps you keep track and not miss a beat, during those exhausting night and days. 

I know as a new parent that minimal amount of sleep you get, makes you feel like a total zombie. Sometimes I would hop in the shower and literally forget if I just washed my hair! So having a way to log all your baby stuff is great! It helps you know if your little one is sleeping they need to wake up and eat, or it’s time for tummy time. I didn’t realize the toll of minimal sleep would really affect your daily life. When I had a moment to sleep I took it. 

Keep Track With This Daily Baby Log Printable 

I remember going to the first checkup and they asked how many times did our baby go to the bathroom in a day. I literally felt like a deer in the headlights. I had no idea they would ask that and had no idea where to start. After that, I began logging it and before each appointment, I tallied it up. I would bring my logs with me just in case they needed to know feedings, which they did! Then you feel more prepared and put together when you go to your appointments and in everyday life. We logged everything from that point on, to make sure we had it, in case we needed it. 

I know to some people you might think you will remember, but when you get no sleep for so long the simplest tasks are easy to forget. Plus I think I still had “mommy brain” after. Where I couldn’t remember anything! Walk into a room and forgot kind of situation.

What Is On the Printable 

  • Diaper Changes
  • Feedings
  • Tummy Time
  • Nap Time
  • Special Concerns
  • Overall Mood
  •  Any Supplies You Might Need to Run to the Store Or Order Online
  • Activities

This is also a great idea to print off some of these, and then tuck into a gift basket full of essentials for new moms to be! It makes a great gift add-on if you know someone who is expecting! When I had my baby I just wrote it on a piece of paper, and it wasn’t near this intense, I love printables because this is so much more organized!








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