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For me it is very easy to get overwhelmed. My anxiety is worse some days than others and I just need a little extra help making the day seem do-able. Especially since I had my baby girl, my brain has been a little off its game and things that were simple before are a little more difficult. Being sleep deprived about a third of the time and absolutely worn out from the things I do daily as a working mom make day to day life a little harder than it used to be!

I have a lot I plan to do with my family this year like moving with my fiance and daughter from South Carolina to Louisiana, finishing my cookbook, buying a fixer upper house and redoing it to look beautiful, and doing a lot more fishing with the fiance. So a few simple things I picked up off of amazon are really going to help me though this year.

17 Products Getting Me Through 2017

1.New Coffee Flavors- I normally would just drink “classic roast” coffee, but lately I have been trying new flavors and here are a few of my new favorites!

Cinnamon Roll

French Vanilla & Almond

Vanilla Biscotti

This makes the mornings feel a little fancier, and putting me in a better mood off the bat.

2. Coffee Mug Warmer– I feel like this is one of the most common things people joke about in mom memes.  Everyone knows if your a busy mom that your coffee will likely go cold before you get the chance to drink it, sooo I got myself one of these for $10 and cant even begin to tell you how good it feels to have your coffee stay hot! I don’t know why I’m always paranoid about when my coffee goes cold that for some reason the milk I put in it isn’t good anymore (this probably isn’t true but my anxiety is a pain in the butt haha).

3. Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner– I don’t like to spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom. Actually, I really despise cleaning the bathroom. Its gross! Especially when you live with boys, and small children. So to at least cut out cleaning the toilet like these tabs to help keep the inside of the bowl white and keep the bathroom smelling lemony fresh!

4. Zoo Friends Pancake Pan– I don’t know about y’all, but I am super cranky in the mornings. I need about two cups of coffee before being my normal happy patient optimistic self again. So when my daughter does annoying things like dump her milk all over the table and refusing to eat her breakfast because for some reason its not interesting enough for her 1 1/2 year old brain, I about lose my mind that early in the morning. So when I do simple things like use this pan and ask her what sound the animal makes before she eats it, she behaves a lot better and actually eats what I put in front of her.

5. This Pioneer Woman Cookbook– Let me just start by saying this woman taught me about 60% of what I know about cooking. I knew nothing about cooking something unless it came out of a box, and then I saw my mom using her website tutorials to make dinner one night. When my mom went out of town for a few days, me being the oldest girl volunteered to cook dinner in her place and I had such an easy time because she makes everything so simple and clear. So i’m definitely going to be using her cookbook to save me on those weeknights when I don’t know what to do.

6. Tide PODS – I have smelled them all and the spring meadow scent is the absolute best! They actually make me want to do my laundry, haha. I love the smell and I love not having to measure anything out or get powder/liquid everywhere if i make a mess. Which, let’s get real, I am a pretty darn messy person. I bought this a while ago and I’m still working on it. So it should last you a long time. Also, if you want to have your kids help you with laundry, this will be a nice way to foolproof the process!

7. Echo Dot– Okay. I know $50 may seem like a bit much to cough up on the spot. But let me just tell you…it is the ultimate personal assistant for working moms. I am super forgetful, always have both hands full, and get overwhelmed quickly. So being able to say, “Alexa, what is the weather for tomorrow?” “Alexa, play bedtime music.” “Alexa, order more paper towels.” “Alexa, what’s on the calendar today?” “Alexa call an Uber.” “Alexa, call my mom!” It’s very helpful for me! Tis past weekend, my daughter was puking her guts out. I had her in one hand, the puke cup in the other, and had to use the echo dot to call my mom and ask what to do. (Don’t worry she’s fine now, but it was a rough couple of days!)

8. Nonstick Baking Mats– I don’t like how foil tears, I don’t like when bits of it come up and get stuck in the bottom of cookies, I also don’t like having to buy more all the time. These mats are very helpful when it comes to clean up! Nothing has ever gotten stuck for me and I don’t have to worry about it tearing because it is pretty sturdy.

9. Amazon Dash Buttons– Yes. At first I thought this was a stupid idea too. I was like, all its going to take is a kid getting a hold of a button hes not supposed to push and there will suddenly be a $300 charge to my bank. Well. I find if you put it somewhere that kid will never go, like a laundry room. They have been super helpful when it comes to things I don’t have to buy that often so normally forget to pick up, like toilet paper, dish soap, and my laundry detergent. As soon as I get close to finishing whatever it is, I just order the next one with the click of a button and don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

10. Big Bag Bed This is basically an instant garden! Its easy to set up. Just unfold, fill, and grow! With how busy life has gotten lately I wont have time this year to plot, dig, and deal with a high maintenance garden like I used to. This is going to be a much less time consuming way to still have my fresh tomatoes all summer long. Also check out these gardening posts:




11. Slow Cooker I mean…do I really need to explain how essential this is???




12. Baby Jumper Oh my gosh you guys…YOU GUYS!!! If I had to keep only one item on this list for the whole year it would be this bad boy! My daughter is about 22 months right now and boooy can she get into everything as soon as you turn your back for 2 seconds. All I do is put her in the doorway facing the TV and put on her favorite nursery rhyme show and she will sit there and jump for 45 minutes without complaining. Which is enough time for me to get some blog work done, clean up the house, do some laundry, and drink a cup of coffee in peace.

13. Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener At my house we have 2 cats, an almost two year old baby girl, and 5 year old boy and 3 teenage boys that tend to make the whole house smell a little bit less fresh than I would like. These are my absolute favorite for eliminating those odors and leaving a fresh smell that last 3-4 months for me.

14. For special occasions, when company is coming over, or just when I wanna have the house smelling a little extra yummy I love this wax melter. I usually get the wax melts whenever they are on clearence but they are not usually expensive normally. I just stock up on sales because I know I will use a lot. My favorite scents are pine, orange cranberry, and apple spice.

15. Swiffer Sweep and Trap Floor Cleaner Starter Kit I’m pretty sure every mom know the struggle of cheerios being everywhere, even if you just cleaned them all up. I literally just looked down at the floor underneath my desk and there are about 5 fruit loops. I just cleaned last night. This swiffer picks them up quickly so every time your munchkin makes a mess it wont take long at all to clean. NO need to plug in a vacuum 12 times a day and scare the mess put of your cat.

16. Slow Cooker Liners I hate washing the dishes. I hate washing the dishes. I hate washing the dishes. I hate washing the dishes. These things are a life saver. Just trust me on this one.

17. Face wipes to keep in my car. I am always running late and I don’t have time for makeup or washing my face so I just wipe my face down in the car and use my favorite face cream to even out my skin tone and make my self a little bit easier on the eyes haha. After that I just put on some tinted lip balm and mascara and that’s literally my entire make routine #lazymama

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