10 Tips For Growing Strawberries {Like A Boss}

10 Tips for Growing Strawberries {Like A Boss} | Ten at the Table

This is our third year growing strawberries as well as our third year of research. The first year was a complete and utter failure. We weren’t “gardeners” at the time so we didn’t water it, weed it, feed it, or make sure not to step on/drive over it. Yeah, our “garden” was right in front of our “drive-way” (ahem) grass (ahem). Then the second year we decided we wanted a garden so my father, an all or nothin’ type of guy, decided to build this massive structure.

But still didn’t tend much to our strawberries, and got literally 2 berries off of our three plants.  So then on our third year we planted 10 more plants and did a whole lot of research. And I do mean a lot, my friend.

10 Tips for Growing Strawberries {Like A Boss} | Ten at the Table

We tried lots of things that were supposed to make them produce like crazy, but not all of them worked for me. So here is my list of tips that actually work for getting bigger plants that produce more strawberries.

10 Tips for Growing Strawberries:

1. Water, water, water. Then when you think you have watered too much…water some more. The more water you give them the bigger and sweeter the fruit will be.

2. Sprinkle your used coffee grounds at the base of the plants before watering. They love it! They grow so much after that. It’s works great and is better for you than store bought plant food. The coffee grounds also keep away sugar ants and pill bugs.

3. Plant a few plants per person. If your planting  strawberries because you planned on, ya know, eating them, it’s best to plant a bunch. Don’t worry—you shall have no leftovers. If you do though, you can freeze them whole to use for smoothies in the future.

4. Dust the area with a cheap cinnamon to keep ants, cats, pill bugs, and slugs at bay. This came in handy for me because the pill bugs were eating ALL of our strawberries! I buy this one. It lasts a LONG time!

5. Don’t get discouraged by the first year of production. The magic is in the second year, my friend!

6. Don’t worry about cutting back dead leaves in the winter. They act as insulation keeping the plant alive ’til spring.

7. Give them plenty of room to either spread, grow up, or dangle because they will do all three if you let them.

8. Some strawberry plants produce all year long and some only produce during the summer. If you want all those strawberries at one time so they can be eaten, processed, frozen, yadda yadda—get the kind isn’t ever-bearing.

9. Plant them in a sunny area. You will be glad you did. The sun gives the plants the energy to produce the fruit, so without sunlight, you won’t have strawberries.

10. Protect those babies with birds netting. Birds love strawberries as much as we do so make sure you keep them safe or you won’t be harvesting much!

I hope I was able to help some of you guys with these tips! If I missed something that helps your strawberries grow, I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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  2. For #8, did you mean to not get the overbearing kind? What kind do you recommend?

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  4. Inetia on March 4, 2018 at 4:45 pm said:

    Where I live we have slugs. I will be putting straw mulch around mine to keep them off the berries off the ground and hopefully away from the slugs.

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