10 Tips for Growing Tomatoes {LIKE A BOSS}

growing tomatoes

10 Tips for Growing Tomatoes {LIKE A BOSS}

1) Spacing. If you’re starting from seedlings, give them breathing space, like a GOOD bit.

2) Sunlight. These guys need strong and direct sunlight for proper growth.

3) Preparation. If you are starting your tomato seedlings inside, point a fan on them or put them on a good windowsill to strengthen their stems. This prepares them for potential strong winds when you plant them outside.

4) Temperature.These little guys like to have it warm and insulated, so they won’t really start to grow until both the air and soil temperatures are fairly warm.

5) Depth. Plant your tomato plants deeper than they come in the pot, so the stem can produce more roots, and more roots means more stability.

6) Mulch. Add mulch to the tomatoes after the soil has warmed up to help keep it warm.

7) Remove the Bottom Leaves. After your tomato plants grow to about 3 feet, remove the leaves from the bottom foot of the stem to allow the upper leaves to better fulfill their purpose in photosynthesis.

8) Pruning. Pinch and remove the little new growth that develops in the crotch joint of two branches to keep your plant from giving nutrients to the wrong areas.

9) Watering. Water deeply and regularly while the fruits are developing to make the tomatoes nice and juicy.

10) Getting Your Plants Ready for Bearing Fruit. How tomatoes ripen is honestly at the mercy of the weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Pinching off those little crotch joint guys will encourage continuous available tomatoes to put their nutrients into flowering!

What tips do YOU have for growing tomatoes?


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