10 Adorable and Fun Ladybug Crafts For Kids

I have gathered 10 awesome ladybug crafts for kids that will get your children excited and creative juices flowing. These crafts use common household items like a paper bag, plastic spoon, egg cartons and more, to create fun and loveable ladybugs.

I love being able to sit down and do fun crafts with my kids. It is a great outlet, offers creativity, and quality time. I am always looking for inexpensive and entertaining crafts, and that is what I am sharing today. Ladybugs, ladybirds, or lady beetles, whatever you prefer to call them are so intriguing! Their bright red color and black polka dots make my heart smile and make for a very pretty craft.

Did you know that ladybugs are a beetle, not a bug? Or that when they take off and fly they beat their wings 85 times a second, talk about fast! You can find ladybugs in different colors: red, yellow and orange. I thought those were some fun facts to share with you!

Paper Ladybug Craft| With a little paper, scissors and glue sticks you can create this ladybug out of construction paper. A simple but adorable craft.
Paper bag Ladybug Craft| Take a paper bag and create an adorable hand puppet your child can spend hours playing with. Let their imaginations run and create a one-of-a-kind puppet.
Ladybug Stones| Head outside and look in your yard or park for flat rocks, that you can paint and turn into ladybugs! Or head to your local craft store to buy rocks and supplies.
Plastic Spoon Ladybug| Take a plastic spoon and transform it into a ladybug on a tree limb. I love this craft, it is so creative, and I love the leaves.
Egg Carton Ladybugs| Save back your old egg cartons and let your kids transform them into fuzzy ladybugs. With minimal supplies needed, you will have fun creating your bugs.
Ladybug Jar Craft| Grab an old jar and some paint and transform it into your child’s personal bug jar. Then head outdoors and see if you can find any bugs for your child to collect and look at for a bit, and then release back into nature.
Apple Print Ladybugs| Take an apple and teach your child how to transform it into a ladybug with a little paint! Food stamping art is very fun and you can create cards to give to loved ones.
Paper Plate and Pom Pom Ladybugs| Take a paper plate, tissue paper, and pom poms and transform it into a beautiful ladybug for your child to enjoy. The wings are made with the tissue paper, and I love the texture it gives.
Golf Ball Ladybug| If you have golf balls laying around you might want to try out this craft. I love how these turned out, and look so cute decorating your flower beds in the Spring and Summer months.
Leaf Ladybug Craft| Step outdoors and find some fun shaped leaves and bring them in and begin to paint them to transform them into ladybugs.

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