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There’s now a food-sharing app that smartly addresses world hunger


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According to the World Food Programme, about 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Sadly, that’s about 1 in 9 people on Earth. The majority of hungry people live in developing cities where a staggering 13% of the population is undernourished, many of which die from the sickness.


However, thanks to technology and connectivity, there’s now an app that has a simple yet effective solution to put an end to world hunger.

Called Olio, the app works as a carpooling solution. But instead of bringing commuters together, Olio brings food together that would be used for the greater good. It works like this: whether you’re a business or a private individual, you can make a contribution. All the app asks you to do is snap a photo of the food you want to donate, add a description of what it is or what the bundle is about, and provide pick-up details. A neighbor will then be delighted to take it off your hands. Usually, people donate the food to soup kitchens or charities within their neighborhood.


The app also works for homeless people who may not have eaten for days. Those who need food can browse what’s available nearby and message you to arrange to pick up it up.


You can also make a donation by dropping food packs to convenient drop boxes, local shops, or cafe that supports Olio.


About 1/3 of the food produced in the world for human consumption is wasted, and that’s roughly 1.3 billion tons of food. These losses amount to around 680 billion in well-developed countries, and about $310 billion in developing nations.


Food nourishes and gives life, which makes Olio one of the best apps on the market right now. Olio mirrors what most software creators do today in developing apps, which is to create something useful and doesn’t just focus on entertainment but tries to relay an important message to consumers.


Gaming Realms, parent company of the popular gaming site Spin Genie, which produces food-themed games such as Candy Bars, believes that a successful combination of analytics and algorithms – which, in Olio’s case, relates to world hunger statistics and effective ways to counter food waste – creates a successful idea to build software upon that is in line with the concept of Intelligent Game Technology. Hopefully, more people will support what Olio is advocating and get behind it in the future to help out the growing number of people without food.


Olio can be downloaded for free by iOS and Android users.

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