Easy Garlic Bread

I am a big fan of easy, tasty, and quick foods. And lately, I have only been cooking things that take 20 minutes or less.

Why? Oh, I don’t know. I guess I am just getting lazy! 😉

My favorite of these 20 minute or less meals has got to be (drum roll please………) spaghetti and garlic bread!

Easy Garlic Bread| Ten at the table| http://tenatthetable.com

Everybody knows how to make spaghetti (or at least theh should). But fast and easy garlic bread (that didn’t come from the freezer aisle) took me a while to get just right.

This version uses roasted garlic and garlic infused oil. Which is also super easy to make and is a staple in my kitchen.

The flavor is just amazing. The smooth, creamy, salty smeared garlic on the perfect french bread is absolutly delicious. After you try this recipe, I have a feeling you’ll make it often.

Here’s the recipe:

Easy Garlic Bread


  • sliced French bread
  • roasted garlic in oil (one clove per slice)
  • sea salt
  • parsley (optional)


  • Arrange the french bread slices on a cookie sheet. Smear a clove of roasted garlic on each slice and drizzle with the oil. Sprinkle with sea salt, and dried parsley if desired. Broil until toasted.

Bake it out yo!

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