A Whole Bunch of Random #1

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You know what I love? Texting my mom. It’s a great time. Even if she says nothing back. I still end up crying because I was laughing so dang hard. SO maybe what I really enjoy is talking to myself and laughing at my own jokes…


Me: “did you know there is a scientific reason for wanting to eat your baby when its being stupid cute??

its freaking mind BLOWing

you know maybe if you brought home ice-cream
there would be enough ice-cream
for me to devour
by myself
my lonely self
cause ur not here
that was me crying like a baby
whats for dinner
you got a lot of texts to read
you like pizza?
i like pizza!
what about dumplings
i haven’t had a good dumpling since…well…I was a little kid”

My mom: “Lol, what the hell was that?!”

All of my messages happened within 45 seconds. My mom thought her phone was breaking, because it was buzzing so long. Y’all, my mind is just all over the place sometimes.

I go through thoughts like sumo wrestlers go through bread rolls.


Somehow I still manage school, work, and wrangling a 3 year old all day.


Did anyone else start craving bread rolls???

With butter?

That is sort of half melted, because the rolls are warm, but not all the way melted, because you put a ginormous pat of butter on it, because you’re a southerner and you like a lot of butter???

It can’t just be m—oh my goodness. I can even smell it right now!

Oh gosh.

I am literally being tortured right now.

Pray for me.

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