A Perfect Day…

I am one strange cookie. So the day I am about to describe to you may not be “perfect” by your definition. But to ME, it was a blast.

To start out, when I woke up coffee and breakfast were already made. That by itself, without the rest of the day, was a pretty awesome thing.

Our electric bill for these summer months have been through the roof so wanted to try some campfire cooking to cut back on using the oven, and not have to run the air conditioning all day every day. Meaning today I got to cook potatoes,  bread, beans, and burger patties over the fire. It took ALL day. But it was fun. I personally could stare at a fire like a brain dead pyromaniac…but that’s just me.


The bread was, uh, a little on the dark side…

fire bread

But only…on the one side. I’m pretty sure we put to many coals on the top.  But it was really good anyway! 🙂 we just chipped of the burned exterior and sliced it up for our burgers. Mmmm.

And THEN..get this…I got to jump into a dumpster. Go ahead and judge. Feel better now??? Good. Let’s proceed.

I notice a while ago that my farmers market had dumpsters full of produce (mostly watermelons) and there as nothing wrong with them! They bring TONS of produce everyday, and throw away whatever that didn’t sell that day. So it’s fresh and good, and gets a vinegar bath when it gets home. Haha.

When I go, depending on what month it is, I can sometimes bring home 40 pounds of tomatoes, or a couple bags of lettuce mix, and shredded cabbage. With the tomatoes we like to make a bunch of sauce and then can it, since we go though a bunch of that during the year. With the lettuce mix…well…we make salad. As for the cabbage we make sauerkraut.

Anyways when I got to the farmers market one of the dumpsters that was FULL of carrots, cucumbers, and onions.

So I got a bunch of each, and since my garden is throwing tomatoes at me right now, I have everything I need to make tomato cucumber onion salad. I will also be making some stock with the onion and carrot. As well as refrigerator pickles! Mmmm, can’t wait!!!


3 Thoughts on “A Perfect Day…

  1. I feel your pain about the electric bill. Each summer the rates go up under the company’s pretext we all need to conserve. A bit tough living in Arizona and we are melting. So far this year we have managed to cut the bill back from the previous year. My crock pot and I are tight friends this year and a few bbq’s have helped.

  2. Shannon on September 4, 2014 at 4:54 pm said:

    What a perfect day you had! I live in AZ too & we cook on the grill almost 3 or 4 times a week.

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